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At Ukraine Uk Unity and The Lighthouse, we quickly learnt that we can make difference. We have amazing volunteers from different backgrounds with different skills and knowledge, but all of them have common characteristic - kind heart.

Also, we know how to bake delicious cakes, make handmade presents, write letter of encouragements and support with music and words. We provide emotional support. As usual each trip is emotional, but worth it.

Follow the link below to discover what happened during the last visit.

"The volunteers of the British community interest organization "Ukraine UK Unity" presented servicemen and servicewomen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who were trained as part of the multinational training operation "INTERFLEX" under the leadership of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and theirs international instructors from the Armed Forces of New Zealand and the Armed Forces of Great Britain, positive emotions, smiles and hope during the unforgettable completion of the training course.

Artistic performers of the Ukrainian choir "Kalyna" under the leadership of the conductor Mrs. Olena performed both Ukrainian choral classics and offered the listeners new songs and melodies specially prepared for a more than one-hour live concert. The listeners joined in the performance with their voice, and sometimes with an dance.

Volunteers of the British public organization "Ukraine UK Unity" brought with them children's letters and drawings, in particular from students of the Ukrainian Saturday School of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, and artistic paintings created in support of the bravery and deeds of the defenders of Ukraine by the artist Natalya, who found protection from the russian war against Ukraine in Great Britain.

The British public organization "Ukraine UK Unity", which was created by Ms. Iryna and Ms. Karolin, helps newly arrived Ukrainian women and their children, who have found temporary shelter in Great Britain, to rebuild their lives here by providing advice, informational support and friendship. Volunteers of "Ukraine UK Unity" are local residents of various nationalities and origins, united by the main goal of helping people integrate into the community, in which they are assisted by other local charities, local authorities, businesses and churches.

Unbelievable melodies and an artistic atmosphere were presented to the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the singer-performers of the band "AtmaSfera", the name of which consists of two words: the word "Atma" from the Sanskrit language translates as "person", and the word "Sfera" ("Sphere") describes what this person surrounds.

Therefore, the band's work is focused around the inner world of a person, his deep experiences and feelings, which are heard in the multi-instrumental performance of this team, which invented a new unique sound. "AtmaSfera" combines instruments from all over the world - flute, keyboards, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, dombra, bouzouki, darbouka, various percussions, electronic drums, harp, saxonet, bells, klackenspiel, fissharmon and other, with which can be extracted sound.

At the end of a wonderful, transformative evening, all warriors of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and New Zealand received charms created by children and their mothers as a souvenir and were eaten to incredibly tasty and diverse in shape and color homemade cakes - handmade confectionery delicacies created by adults and children from the indomitable community "Ukraine UK Unity".

Also, this time, as before, everyone who had a desire could get an exclusive hairstyle from the masters and masters of the art of hairdressing.

This artistic and creative musical, song and choral evening took place with the logistical support of the Armed Forces of Great Britain, which in every way supports and contributes not only to the training of Ukrainian soldiers to protect the Ukraine from russian aggression, but also to spiritual support, because we are defending our Ukraine and its unique and ancient culture and art from the destruction brought by russia.

The Royal Family UK Parliament UK House of Commons UK House of Lords UK government UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Ministry of Defence Ben Wallace James Heappey Alex Chalk @Admiral Sir Tony Radakin @General Sir Patrick Sanders Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office James Cleverly British Embassy Kyiv HM Armed Forces British Army Royal Navy Royal Air Force Royal Marines @Permanent Joint Headquarters DefenceOps Operation Orbital / Операція Орбітал Atmasfera - Indie Yoga Music Band!"

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Students of the Ukrainian Saturday School in Woking celebrated Vyshyvanka day on May 20, 2023. The Ukrainian school of the Most Holy Virgin Mary operates in Woking every Saturday. If you would like to enroll your child at the school, please send a letter to: You can find more detailed information on the school's Facebook page: St Mary's Ukrainian Saturday school

See you on classes!

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