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We are Irina and Carolyn, two school mums and friends who were inspired to do something positive to help people fleeing the war in Ukraine.


Irina is Ukrainian/British and has lived in UK over 20 years. Carolyn is Surrey born. Together, we have created a strong, mighty community volunteering movement in Woking, who offer support for local sponsors and newly arrived Ukrainians (who came via Homes for Ukraine and Family visas scheme). Our volunteers are local people, different nationality and background, but main goal to help people to integrate in a local community. 

 We work in partnership with local charity The Lighthouse, the local authority and churches. Moreover, we receive an amazing support from local businesses and organizations.  

And David who is a treasurer. 


In the beginning, we have transported humanitarian goods and essential supplies directly to Ukraine with the help from volunteers from London. We have helped to connect Ukrainian people with British sponsors, more than 160 Ukrainians  who we helped to find hosts and supported them with visa application throught the 'Homes for Ukraine Scheme' was started.


We help Ukrainian people fleeing war to rebuild their lives here by providing advice, information support, translation and friendship.  

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