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If you have arrived here from Ukraine, there are many areas with which we can offer help and advice. See the following links for more information:

Council Tax (municipal tax) ​

This is the tax you have to pay when you rent your own home in Great Britain.

In this guide of our colleagues, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions:

- What is Council Tax?

- How to find out your Council Tax Band?

- Who has to pay Council Tax?

- How to get a discount on Council Tax?

Useful legal advice for Ukrainians in Great Britain

Our colleagues at Sterling Law love to share useful tips on what and how to do in various legal matters:

- noticed mistakes in the BRP,

- have questions about visas,

- children in the WB and much more...

How to restore documents on higher education

See the explanation from the Ministry of Reintegration >>


To everyone whose Vodafone card expires (6 months)


At the end of the validity period of the card, I received an SMS with the following text:
'Your 20GBP Big Value Six Pack has now come to an end. Don't worry though - you can keep enjoying the amazing value of our Big Value Bundles by adding a new one. Just call 4354 free anytime.  Head to for terms.'

By clicking on the link from the SMS, there is information about the price of the extension and the terms.

One of the points:
9. b) The Big Value Six Pack 20: it consists of 6 £20 Big Value Bundles. It gives you 10GB of data, 1000 minutes and unlimited texts every 30 days until the expiry of 180 days. It costs £60 as a one off cost.

Based on this, in any Vodafone branch (in Woking - a shopping center next to Primark, 2nd floor) - upon payment of 60 pounds immediately for 6 months, the employee extended the validity of the card on the same terms as we had before (20 GB + 20 GB as a gift and unlimited calls 🇬🇧) That is, you stay on your number, with the same package for 10 pounds per month for six months. All other packages without a contract at Vodafone are more expensive.


You are a teacher

If you are a teacher at a school or currently work as a teacher's assistant but have qualifications and hope to work as a teacher in the UK in the future - this may be useful for you.

From February 1, 2023, Ukraine will be added to the list of countries from which graduates with teacher qualifications can obtain QTS (Qualified Teacher Status).

QTS status affects salary and (after 4 years in the UK) employment. For Ukrainians, the application to be added to QTS will be free.

Exchange your non-British driving licence for a British licence

Ukrainians are allowed to drive with Ukrainian rights for only one year by the law in Great Britain! Therefore, we remind everyone to pay attention to this moment and offer to watch the video from the Facebook blog "Ukraine in Great Britain".


Student funding in the UK

Ukrainians who received a visa under the Homes for Ukraine, Ukraine Family Scheme and Ukraine Extension Scheme programs have the right to study at higher education institutions in Great Britain. When entering a university, Ukrainian students can expect to be paid at the "domestic rate" and get access to student financing.

In OporaBlog voloutneers prepared the following information for you:

- The quality of education at the institution to which you plan to enter

- The amount of student loan you can get

- Percentage for using a student loan

- Terms of student loan repayment


Read more advice on student finance on the Opora Blog.

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