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If you have arrived here from Ukraine, there are many areas with which we can offer help and advice. See the following links for more information:

  • Warm hubs located around the borough can be found at:

Andy’s Community Café, St Andrews Church, Goldsworth Park, Woking, GU21 3LG

Christ Church, Jubilee Square, Woking, GU21 6YG

Eastwood Leisure Centre, Albert Drive, Sheerwater, Woking, GU21 5RF

Holy Trinity Church, Chobham Road, Knaphill, Woking, GU21 2SX

Mascot, 43 Dartmouth Avenue, Sheerwater, Woking GU21 5PE

Moorcroft centre for the community, Old School Place, Westfield, Woking, GU22 9LY

Parkview centre for the community, Off Blackmore Crescent, Sheerwater, Woking, GU21 5NZ

Renew 88, Knaphill Baptist Church, 88 High Street, GU21 2PZ

Salvation Army, Sythwood, Woking, GU21 3BE

St Mary of Bethany Church, Mount Hermon, Woking, GU22 7UH

St Mary's centre for the community, Stream Close, Byfleet, KT14 7LZ

St Michaels Church, Dartmouth Avenue, Woking, GU21 5PJ

St Paul's Church, Oriental Road (opposite the Lion Retail park), Woking, GU22 7BD

St Saviour's Church, Connaught Road, Brookwood, Woking, GU24 0AS

The Lightbox, Chobham Road, Woking, GU21 4AA

The Lighthouse, 8-10 High Street, Woking, GU21 6BG

The Vyne centre for the community, Broadway, Knaphill, Woking, GU21 2SP

United Reformed Church, White Rose Lane, Woking GU22 7HA

Welcome Church, Church Street West, Woking GU21 6DJ

Woking Library, Gloucester Walk, Woking, GU21 6EP


Ask for help, there are many free projects where you can get free psychological help.
Anyone who needs psychological help can apply. You can communicate with a psychologist via Telegram, WhatsApp or video chat

Ukrainian Support Line - Offers free consultations with Ukrainian/Russian speaking therapists and translators.


Please note that Visit Ukraine today website offers 10 free resources of psychological assistance to Ukrainians:

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