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Even in Great Britain, our military personnel who undergo training here are surrounded by the warmth of Ukrainian volunteers. Thanks to the public organization "Ukraine UK Unity", recruits receiving basic training as part of the multinational training operation "INTERFLEX" have the opportunity to enjoy Ukrainian music and dishes and not forget the taste of borscht!

"This international initiative helps to maintain the patriotic spirit and unity. We are always happy to give a piece of Ukraine to brave hearts. Our music team, hairdressers, cooks work wonders together. Families bake for the military with pleasure and creativity. On the eve of such events, our house turns into a logistics center: delicacies are brought until late at night, and neighbors share space in refrigerators. Our people miss Ukraine, so they are always ready to please our military, because they are "a part of Ukraine," says Mrs. Iryna, one of the founders of the "Ukraine UK Unity" organization in Britain.

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