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"Little bakers, Big hearts" from Woking raised money from sales of cakes for Ukrainian people

Ukrainians have amazing support from our amazing community in Woking. I hope our local movement "Little bakers, Big hearts started by Alexandra Ribeiro and Hellen Fernandes Candey will grow in other commuities in UK and other countries. All money raised from sales of cakes are going to Ukrainian people.

My mother Ludmyla Garmash and I are not professional bakers, but we enjoyed baking and helping out during big sale in Woking this Sunday.

Last week "Little bakers, big hearts" delivered to my house a lot of baby milk and food, which with help of Galyna Kosyns'ka and our Prosperity volunteers it already made to Striy hospital, in Ukraine.

Join us on from wherever you are! SUPPORT UKRAINE

You can bake with kids or by yourself and sell the treats to your community, families and friends and raise fund for Ukraine. ‍ ‍

Please help us to spread the word and let’s get lots of “Little Bakers with Big Hearts” joining forces for this very special cause!

Slava Ukraini! Glory to Ukraine.

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