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29 of April 2023 The Father Taras from the Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Holy Family

will provide service in Ukrainian language!

We invite all Ukrainian families to attend service at the address:

St. Dunstan's Catholic church, Shaftesbury Rd, Woking GU22 7DT

If you have any questions, please email

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Ukrainian Refugee Choir "Kalyna"

The 2nd performance of the Choir on the snniversary of russia's full-scale war against Ukraine! Conductor Olena Bilodid

Ukrainian Hub in Wokingub The Lighthouse, UkraineUKUnity

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Good news for all those on sponsored visas!

New offer - EXTENDED temporary bus passes valid for one selected bus company.

Six months for new applicants or three additional months for citizens of Ukraine who have already received a ticket for the first three-month bus.

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