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Thank you all for coming to "Stand with Ukraine" community gathering.

Thank you for all donations, support and kind words. We marked 365 days of Ukrainian resilience and bravery. We managed to create a special community event, with great sence of togetherness and support.

Special thanks goes to volunteers of Ukraine UK Unity and The Lighthouse.

Our community pictures can be accessed on link below:

Rebecca Jespersen , Founder of The Lighthouse, speech on 24.02.2023 : 'At The Lighthouse, we have been running a Hub for the Ukrainians in our community, and so I’m in the privileged position of seeing things happen first hand, and I want to celebrate three things: I celebrate the community of Woking!

So many have come together to respond to the need, as the Ukrainians arrived in Woking.

We have incredible people within Woking Borough Council, Citizen’s Advice, DWP, local churches and many other organisations and volunteers who support the Ukrainians and give above and beyond.

Families and individuals in Woking have opened their homes welcoming strangers to provide refuge and safety, offering community.

I celebrate the Ukrainians!

What an incredible culture you are, I have so much respect for you.

You are a tenacious people, demonstrating off-the-charts resilience.

Your mind-set is determined and positive.

At times, some of you have shared with us a little about the family you are separated from and fear for their lives, the unimaginable loss and pain you are experiencing.

Even in the midst of all these injustices, you do not have a victim mind-set, but rather you are people who are fiercely protective of your families, your culture and your country.

So many of you have talked about The Lighthouse becoming home and family to you in Woking, and a big part of this is because of how engaged and involved you are in all that happens there.

You have given yourselves to serving through volunteering with us to make it all happen at the Hub.

And many of you also volunteer to serve people in need at The Lighthouse other times of the week.

This is true community!

Thank you for engaging with, and becoming part of, our community.

Woking is honoured to have you here.

Finally, I celebrate Irina, what a powerhouse you are – a true Ukrainian!

Thank you for believing with us that kindness can change the world!

Thank you for the enormous amounts of kindness you pour out every day.

Thank you for the determination you have to find solutions and fight injustice.

Thank you and for your sheer stamina and hard work.

And thank you for the irrepressible joy you bring to it all!'

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Shrove Tuesday at the Ukrainian Refugee Hub with more then 400 pancakes, crafts, English lessons and much more!

Glory to Ukraine!

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